Taft College Athletics Mission Statement

Our Vision:

The Taft College Athletic Department is dedicated to helping our student athletes achieve success both academically and athletically. 

Our Mission:

Taft College supports equitable opportunity for all student athletes and staff and embraces the principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct, amateurism, compliance, and institutional control set forth by Taft College, the Central Valley Conference (CVC) and the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA).

Our Values:

  • Student athletes and their success both academically and athletically. 
  • Creating a collaborative learning environment that not only extends to the student athletes, but to the faculty and staff as well. 
  • The Taft College athletic department is expected to function in a manner that projects a positive image of the College to the community.
  • Coaching staff members who are well equipped with the knowledge necessary to prepare the student athlete to compete and learn at levels beyond community college. Each member is thorough in their ability to teach and implement programs that are beneficial to all student athletes physically, mentally, and socially.
  • Personal ethics for staff and students that value others and aims for personal achievement in a manner that is honorable and admirable. 
  • Good sportsmanship and behavior that is respectful to the college and to themselves and is an example to others.

Our Goals:

  • Provide appropriate services and support for retention and graduation of our student athletes.
  • Commitment to prepare the student athlete academically and athletically for transfer to the next level.
  • Ensure all athletic programs within our institution the opportunity to grow equally, providing each with sufficient funds to run the program.
  • Ensure that each program is equipped with the necessary personnel in the coaching staff so that the student athlete is able to leave this institution with the satisfaction that they have received the best that could be offered.
  • Provide the student athlete assistance in building a personal ethic that values others and aims for personal achievement in a manner that is honorable and admirable.
  • Ensure our student-athletes are positive role models at Taft College and in the community.
  • Engage the student athlete in a learning process where they learn life skills that are beneficial to themselves and the community.
  • Continued reinforcement and promotion of behavior, representative of good sportsmanship and respect to others.
  • Provide equal opportunities in athletic participation regardless of gender.

Commitment to providing a safe environment in which to participate free of drugs, alcohol or any other controlled substance.